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February 13, 2020

Moving payment dates is a big deal...Save the Date & Tip Sheets

Moving the payment schedule is a big deal. 

The date change highlights how inadequate ‘Income Supports’ and ‘Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped’ (AISH) monthly benefit rates are. Rates have not kept up with the pace of living and inflation. Did you know...

Save the Date Poster
  • 127,000 Albertan monthly benefits are below the 2020 ($2160 a month) 'low-income cut off' poverty line
  • Income Supports:$ 1294 below the poverty line (average of $866 a month)
  • AISH$475 below below the poverty line (at $1685 a month) 

Will people keep up to the reoccurring fines month after month? 

Here is an example how $ 475 in monthly fines and fees can build in just one month...

$ 25 in late rent (subject to your lease)
$ 250 transit fine for failure to pay for a fare on the bus
$ 45 NSF bank fees for insufficient funds
$ 12.50 stop bank payment fee for pre-written cheque
$ 10 fee to change a cell phone payment over the phone line 
$ 35 reconnection charge for cell phone
Long Term Impacts of Date Change

What can you do? 

You can tell the Alberta government to reverse the date. 

People cannot afford this change. 
Nor can landlords. 
Nor can the government.
 "Save the date!"

Learn more about the long-term impacts here:  (backgrounder posted February 7th) 

Tip Sheets

Here are some tip sheets how people can try to avoid fines and fees: 

How to talk to your Private Landlord about Rent 

  • Talk to your private landlord and protecting your privacy and staying in your home.
  • How to buy a transit pass early to avoid getting a fine.
  • How to avoid mobile companies charges if you need to change your bill.
  • Watch this video to learn how to change your bill payments.

How to buy a Calgary Transit Pass Early

Payment dates for Mobile Phones

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