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February 7, 2020

Concerns about a change of date for AISH and Income Supports to April 1st

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Citizens across Alberta and members of the Disability Action Hall are concerned about the long-term impacts of the change of date for AISH and Income Supports payments. 


Below are just some of the long-term impacts of the date change. We hope the Alberta government will take the time to listen to the community concerns and the costly impact this will have across the province.
The backgrounder may also be downloaded at the following link. 

Sample Letter to the Minister:

To read an example, take a look at this letter.
 Save the date backgrounder

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  1. Why fix something that's not BROKEN! This change of date will only create more problems for us !!! Our rent and bill payments will be late n.s.f. payments that we can't afford eviction notices borrow money that We can't afford some people will turn to theft . it's hard enough to make it to the 28 th of the month. But THIS !? THIS IS SO TYPICAL OF THE GOVERNMENT .THEY DON'T CARE HOW THIS KIND OF CHANGE WILL EFFECT US. THIS JUST SHOWES HOW GREEDY THE GOVERNMENT IS , AS LONG AS THEY CAN PUT MORE MONEY IN THEIR POCKETS NO ONE ELSE MATTERS . SHAME ON ALL OF YOU. AND THIS IS WHY I WON'T VOTE FOR THIS GREEDY GOVERNMENT!And I hope that others will follow suit, unless they go back to the old date.


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