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April 30, 2021

Results are in... Our favourite online meeting software and why

The results are in. Members of the Disability Action Hall have been using online meeting software for over a year. We were very pleased to learn of New Vision Self-Advocates in Ontario do a review of the online platforms and provided a quick infographic for your reference. Please see the at-a-glance infographic below. 

If you are interested in getting the full presentation, please email Vicky Pearson

Our top choice? 

Zoom. Why? 

  • Ability to work on any device from a browser with a direct link (no downloading software) 
  • Best audio
  • Automatic subtitles (Not as good as google meets, and we hope over time this may improve).
  • Ability to send private messages 
Way to go Zoom! Here is the link to the "At a glance graphic" of 5 online meeting programs... Zoom, Google Meets, Facebook messenger, Blue Jeans, Cisco Webex, and Microsoft Teams. At a glance of 5 online platforms

At a glance overview of 5 online meeting programs. 
A look at online platforms (image contains a list of each platform with green checkmarks or red x's in areas of accessibility, free version, ability to see the gallery, private chat and many other categories). 

At a glance 5 online meeting programs by Disability Action Hall

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