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March 27, 2015

Did the Alberta Government budget for 'Quality of Life?'

Last night we talked about the Provincial Budget. While we took the time to provide the feedback on what we think needs to happen, it was difficult to learn what the majority of Albertans asked for did not come to fruition. Why did they ask? 

The budget is bittersweet. While we are thankful PDD supports and taxes exempt the most impoverished individuals in Alberta, we are troubled by the lack of revenue being generated by the province to help create a strong sustainable social infrastructure like good schools, hospitals and social services. It is the services that help us maintain a quality of life. 

We understand very very wealthy citizens were given a minor tax progressive tax increase, yet not enough to address the deficit. And the health care premiums will also only address the deficit. 

The government has made no gesture to even get the oil and gas royalties owed to them back from the oil and gas industry, meanwhile Albertans pay for a health care system that is being eroded by private healthcare systems.  

While Norway's wealth fund sits at 1 trillion dollars to help fund social infrastructure, can't we do better Alberta? 

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