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March 24, 2015

What happened to "Community Living" and "Choice?"

Next week members of the Disability Action Hall will be bringing attention to the PDD Safety Standards and the need to hault the regulation entirely until we understand the full impact. 

We are very concerned what the regulation will do our ability to live in the community when already we do not have enough money to afford many homes built after 2006. 

Over the last four months we have written letters, attended meetings with PDD, MLAs, City Councillors and the Chief Building Inspector to ask the government to stop before more citizens are evicted and asked to move. Here is a link to our talk with PDD and the City where we learned the government simply needs more time to understand what this means to enforce fire, safety and by-law compliance in a City that is faced with

  • A housing crisis,
  • Met 38 times just to try to legalize secondary suites, and 
  • Calgary Housing Authority that has no money from the province to maintain homes.

More time is needed. Stop. 

We plan to draw attention to the inconsistent treatment of persons with disabilities as renters who are now facing forced inspections. Some people with developmental disabilities are exempt as they recieve family managed care or are married. 

While the government argues minimum housing standards apply to all renters of Alberta, they are complaint based, not forced. And if you refuse to move, PDD regulation says they can terminate your services. No other Albertan's services and address are dictated by the government (unless you have been convicted of a crime). 

Why are we being treated differently? 

Our only crime is our disability. We question why we are being treated differently and how will the landlords of our futures look at us. 
Will they rent to us knowing we now come with forced inspections? 

Its time to speak to the humanity of the regulation. 

The Mock Wedding begins at Noon, on Wednesday, April 1st at the Edmonton Legislative Assembly. Wear pink! 

If you are wanting to learn more and take action, please write your MLA. 

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