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March 30, 2015

Speak up for Community Living and Choice

Members of the Disability Action Hall and friends will be travelling to Edmonton April 1st to the Alberta Legislature to speak up for 'Community Living, Choice and Genuine Community Consultation" to bring attention the PDD Safety Standards need to be stopped and rethought. 

What happened to Community Living? 

Choice         What happened to the right to choose where we want to live? 

Consistent   Why are the rules not the same for all Albertans?

Confusing    Why are the rules so confusing?

Consultation We have the right to be asked about rules about us, not without us. 

Citizenship  What happened to my privacy rights and being treated equal?

Contradictory Why are some people exempt? Like Family Managed care and people that are married? Why aren't all vulnerable Albertan homes looked at by health, fire, safety and municipalities? 

Cash Why does the government not give us enough money to live in a home built to 2006 building code? 

Conflict   Why is the government setting me up to be in conflict with landlords? 

Stop the Standards. 
Then lets talk together as a community.  
Please stop. Write your MLA.

True community consultation is needed
Why didn't the government ask us about safety & housing inspections?

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