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April 10, 2015

Did the Alberta Government Hear us to STOP Standard 8?

Did the Alberta Government Hear Us?
We guess not given no one was able to access a wheelchair accessible microphone
Inaccessibility, is this  representative of how the most vulnerable are really treated?

On April 1st, 2015 in blizzard like conditions self-advocates from around the Province gathered to speak out about Standard 8 and its unfair treatment of persons with disabilities renting int he private rental market due to the regulation known as the Safety Standards. 

"Nothing about us without us"

Some asked did the government hear us? Well, you be the judge. This is what was done at the legislature for the rally where citizens with reduced mobility were unable to climb the stairs to exercise freedom of speech rights. Did the Alberta Government not learn last time when former Minister Frank Oberle booked an inaccessible venue to talk to persons with disabilities? Has the government administration learned anything about collaboration, working with others and consulting with us? 

What we do know is Albertans did hear us. 

Media coverage links: 

St. Alberta Gazette Rally Against Standard Changes

Metro Calgary - Mother worries new standards will pose difficulties for her two disabled sons 

CBC News Edmonton People with disabilities worry safety rules will push rent out of reach 

We ask all of you, including Alberta Candidates to learn about this regulation and help us stop the discrimination of the most vulnerable. Help us make this an election concern for all Albertans facing a housing crisis.

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