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April 22, 2015

PDD Safety Standards, What happened to choice, consent and common sense?

Members of the Disability Action Hall will be hosting the City, PDD and community tomorrow to talk more about the PDD Safety Standards

The government forgot to ask for consent, people are very angry. To learn why we are very concerned, please visit this recent news article and take a moment to look at artwork Hall members have drawn about consent, common sense and consultation.

We encourage you to ask your provincial candidate what do they plan to do to stop Standard 8 and support community living, choice, privacy and proper community consultation. Ask them to stop the standards until a solution with dignity and no unintended consequences is created by community. 

If you are interested in talking with Premier Prentice, he will be at the Golden Age Club from 5-7 pm Friday, April 24th located at 610, 8th Avenue SE in the Calgary Fort Riding.  

I have the right to privacy

Stop Standard 8, Standard 8 Sucks

Frustrated...its stupid not being treated like a citizen,
Where was the letter asking for my consent?

I love my condo. Why do you look in people's homes. PDD does not care.
Why do you look at shampoo and towels. Stupid!

Frustrated ever night I have to bring my soap, toothbrush, towel, toothpaste to the bathroom every night.
How is this a home? 

I fell like I belong at home...Leave my home alone. 

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