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April 28, 2015

Provincial Political Parties agreed to indexing AISH & reviewing social assistance programs

Over the last week, Members of the Calgary Ability Network have been asking political parties their stance on social assistance reform. Click here to review the survey sent out to all the political parties. 

The results?

Of the political parties who are registered with "Elections Alberta" 3 have responded. In alphabetical order; The Alberta Liberal Party, The Alberta Party and the Communist Party of Alberta. 

100% of Provincial Parties want to index the base amount of AISH to a reasonable amount and then index it to the cost of living, as well as review of Alberta's Social Assistance Programs to ensure no Albertans are left behind. 

Of the Provincial Parties who responded to our survey,
100% agree to review social assistance programs to ensure the base amount
is enough for Albertans to survive and not be left behind. 
To see how each party leader responded, visit this link 

We have yet to receive results from the remaining provincial parties. 
Stay tuned!

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