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May 1, 2015

"What I do to support the Self -Advocacy Movement?" Video Project

This week Hall members interviewed people who work in the field of disability services. We asked each person to answer "What do I do to support the Self-Advocacy movement?" 

What we found out? 

Many people have different definitions of self-advocacy. 

We made the two short films while we attended the Alberta Council of Disabilities Services 2015 Spring Conference "Whole People, Whole Lives" April 28 to May 1st, in Calgary, Alberta at the Coast Plaza Hotel. 

In our first video, we interviewed one of the main speakers, David Hingsburger, who had this to say about "What do I do to support the Self-Advocacy Movement."

In our second video, it is a collection of many people's stories of how they support the self-advocacy movement. 

We ask you to remember the power of our own voice and all of us have a right to have our voice heard! 

We hope to add more videos in the future. Let us know what you think and if you have some ideas on what we could do to add to the video. 

Thank you to all 
who participated 
in the making of the video 

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