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September 14, 2021

8 steps to make vote day 'easy-peasy'

8 steps to make vote day easy-peasy by Disability Action Hall

Eight steps to make vote day 'easy-peasy'! 

Female figure sitting on a large calendar with a laptop
Plan to vote!

We are so glad you are here. 
You made the first step by getting on a laptop, phone or table to make a plan. 
Many Albertans are voting on Monday, September 20th starting at 7:30 am MST until 7:30 pm MST. 

Be careful about the information you see online about the electoral process—Get official information on Elections Canada's website:
#ItsOurVote #Elections101 #DemocracyChampions. The graphics and links we are using are from Elections Canada. 

1. Where do I start? Use a checklist. (download PDF)

Checklist includes checking if you are registered, if you have a voting card and bringing ID.

2. Am I registered to vote?

3. Who do I vote for? Undecided? 

Visit the Platform guide by Democratic Engagement Exchange.

A resource guide to all the platforms for September 20th created by the democracy exchange

4. Who is my local candidate? 

Did you know you can look up your local candidate by using your postal code, or by candidate name, city, map or province? 

5. Where do I vote? Use your postal code! 

6. Voting at my local polling station

Steps of

7. What if I need help marking my ballot? (Video)

8. How do I vote safely on September 20th, 2021? (Video)

There are health and safety measures in place to make voting safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. #ItsOurVote
Visit Elections Canada's website to learn more about the options available to you: 

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