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September 17, 2021

Democracy is calling

Democracy is calling! 

We are celebrating our citizenship and right to vote! Here is a quick 40-second video to enjoy. 


Plain text description of the video: 

Democracy is calling

“Democracy is calling” by Members of the Disability Action Hall

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Someone's at the door… Democracy is calling, Calling, step out for more. Oh, say can you see? Really? How cheesy. Democracy is calling. Join dawn’s early light, Snap election? What’s 1 in 5? Canadians have a disability, the 22%, a force, and hell-bent. Do we trust and must? Will indifference win? Be beat by confusion spin? Will we rise together again? With a mask, to the ramps armed with pens, vote your voice.
Be heard, no joke. Come join us. Cast your vote. Your story matters, Disability matters! You are the 22%.  You better went. Democracy calls you.

Members of the Disability Action Hall recently got together and shared stories of the voting process.

We then put together this spoken word with images we collected at a non-partisan 'Voter Registration booth' we did together with Apathy is Boring, during the 2019 federal election. 

Enjoy! And vote! 

If you have stories to share and great ideas on how to reduce barriers for voters with disabilities, why not share them? Learn more by visiting the  Inspire Democracy website. 

What is your vote plan? 

If you are voting on Monday, September 20th, and starting your vote plan, visit our '8 steps to vote day easy peasy" for ideas and information you might need to get started courtesy of Elections Canada and the Democratic Engagement Exchange. 

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