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May 4, 2021

May the Fourth be with you!! Tip 2 Anger!

Mental health week tip #2

Sometimes the force is Anger!!!! 

Here is what the counselling team told us about anger... 

How to deal with anger along with grief. (I use humour to hide the pain). 
And how to channel it into something healthy. 

  • Express your anger. 
  • Accept anger as a healthy emotion.
  • Write angry feelings down and then get rid of them. 
  • You have the right to feel anger, but you do not have the right to hurt yourself or others or property
  • Take a break and calm down. 
  • Create your own anger management rules.

Learn more using the plainer language series on anger brought to you by 'Here to help' BC Mental Health and substance abuse use information you can trust

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